As a parent you want nothing but the best for your child and we understand that you may have a lot of queries. Here is a list of answers to your questions. In case you don’t find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly.

Why should I send my child to Preschool and not directly to formal school?
Research shows that up to 50% of a child’s ability to learn develops by the age of 5. Children in a high quality Preschool in Siliguri displays better language, cognitive, and social skills along with longer attention spans, than children who attend low quality programmes. These skills have a bearing on their elementary school careers and they are better performers in college and life as well.
What will my toddler learn at this age when he/she can barely walk and talk properly?
Children at this tender age acquire various developmental milestones – personal, socio-emotional, communication, body balance, self-awareness and understanding of their surroundings, as they grow monthly. All their energy and curiosity needs to be channelised so that they are able to demonstrate physical skills, think logically, manage simple tasks independently, speak few words or short sentences while staying happily apart from you for a few hours. The right environment in a good Preschool in Siliguri helps in developing the child’s ability to learn, communicate, trust, love, and instils confidence and a positive self-esteem. This is where early childhood education plays a huge part. What may seem like play to others is actually an important part of learning.
What is the right age to send my child to a Preschool in Siliguri?
The ideal age for admitting a child in a Preschool in Siliguri is 18 months – the ‘miracle age’ when a child begins his/her educational journey and hence deserves the right environment and exposure. Early education in a good Preschool in Siliguri helps in a child’s emotional, social and personal growth and development. The skills and knowledge that children acquire in a Preschool in Siliguri helps them become independent, critical thinkers and problem solvers later on in life.
At what age does Boond- The Foundation School accept students?
We take in children from 18 months till 5 years of age. The learning journey of children looking for preschool admission is four years – Munchkins (Toddler), Minions (Playgroup), Nursery and Kindergarten.
Why should I choose Boond- The Foundation School?
No one understands children like we do. We know that the formative years of a child’s life are of utmost importance for development, which is why our child-centric approach ensures perfect holistic development, starting from the age of 18 months itself. We have adopted the best international practises from various traditional as well as modern teaching methodologies such as Reggio Emilia, Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory, the Montessori Method, the Play-Way Method, the Bank Street Method and the STEM Method to name a few. Children under our care discover, imagine, create, learn and grow under 5 domains of development – socio-emotional, intellectual, physical, linguistic and creative development. We lay great emphasis on confidence building through drama, stage performances, role play, class presentations and even encourage them to take up the role of emcee at our numerous events.
What are the facilities unique to Boond – The Foundation School?
Children are inherent learners and at this tender age, they need a lot of space – space- space to discover, space to run around, space to explore, space to learn and space to grow. Learning cannot be confined into one single classroom and as such we have specially curated hands-on interactive spaces stocked with appropriate resources. Our learning centres include a Montessori room, a Library, a Reggio Emelia corner, an Art and Craft room, a kinesthetics area, an explorer’s den, a sand pit, a messy play area, a music wall, a computer lab, a sensorial path and a multipurpose hall too. Our teachers observe what the children know, are curious about and what challenges them. These observations are then recorded to reflect on appropriate ways to help children expand their potential.
What is the quality and experience of the faculty? Do they speak well in English?
Our lead teachers are well educated and highly experienced with more than 8 years of early childhood expertise. Each of them has an assistant teacher who they take under their wings and guide them till such time they become adept with our pedagogy and teaching methodologies. All our teachers undergo extensive training sessions conducted by renowned trainers so that they can keep abreast with latest educational methods and also revisit their earlier learnings. Our team of passionate and caring facilitators are well versed with the nuances of the English language, are passionate and caring and have the energy, intellect and charisma that can take children on a magical and challenging voyage of discovery.
How do we cater to Individualised Learning?
The facilitator observes the children in the classroom, the learning centres as well as outdoors and implements lesson plans that cater to each of her student’s needs individually. At Boond- The Foundation School we incorporate Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences and Blooms Taxonomy when preparing our lesson plans to help each child achieve their milestone. One child may learn best by listening, another child may be a visual learner and a third may feel more comfortable if taught in a group. We provide each child the opportunity to learn in the way that is best for them, giving them the confidence, they need to become independent learners.
How would we inculcate the values and vision that we are professing?
Education is incomplete if you don’t instil the correct values during the early years of a child. In keeping with our motto – ‘Deepen the Roots, Broaden the Vision – we raise our children to become model citizens with impeccable moral values. Our aim is to build an understanding of our cultures and traditions at this tender age itself, so that it leaves imprints of patriotism in the hearts of our children forever. We thus celebrate every festival and national day with great fervour at school. When a child joins us, so does the whole family – grandparents included. Apart from special days like Grandparents Day or Father’s Day etc which go a long way in instilling in children the respect for elders, we also conduct numerous workshops and seminars for parents to remain connected with us.
What is the class size and student teacher student ratio that we have?
Spread at about 400 sq ft each, our air-conditioned classrooms and learning centres provide the right ambience for experiential and exploratory learning. A student teacher ratio of is 10:1 ensures that every single child receives individual attention from the teachers.
Does my child need to be toilet trained before he/she joins preschool?
The school imparts toilet training by following a routine wherein a child is taken to the washroom when he reaches the school, before mealtime, after mealtime and before he leaves for home. Slowly and gradually the child falls into this pattern both at school and at home and starts informing the teachers and maids as and when he/she feels the urge. We counsel parents to set and follow a similar routine at home too for effective toilet training.
Should I send my child to pre-school if he/she doesn’t speak as yet?
It is a given fact that everyone and not just children alone are able to accomplish more when they work as a team. When a toddler joins our school, he learns to communicate by watching and listening to others and tries to copy them. What starts as a single word, soon becomes a group of words and by the time the child is in Nursery, he /she is able to speak in short sentences. We also give every child an opportunity to perform on stage starting at the age of 2 years, so that their language skills and confidence levels are enhanced. Stage fright is something that the children of Boond-The Foundation School have no idea about!
What after kindergarten? Where will my child go?
The journey of discovery continues even as the child steps into Grade 1. Every child who enrolls at Boond -The Foundation School, gets a direct entry at Sri Sri Academy, Siliguri where formal schooling begins. Sri Sri Academy is a CBSE affiliated school and has classes till Grade 10. It is a day boarding and residential school and has been consistently rated at No. 1 among all schools in Siliguri. To know more about Sri Sri Academy, click here.
Why are we more expensive than other preschools?
Our unparalleled quality is what makes us stand out. We provide a vast range of facilities to enable learning ang growth that no other preschool has. In fact, we have more learning centres than the actual classrooms! With so much available for your child, a little difference in fee with other playschools is worth it.